Favorite Halloween Candies

Laura Rivera – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are cup shaped chocolates that inside, have a peanut butter filling. In just one bite, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups manage to create and have the perfect balance of chocolate and peanut butter while at the same time, the flavors proceed to compliment one another. If going trick-or-treating this year or just a general fan of chocolate and peanut butter, make sure you get plenty of these to taste the best of both worlds.

Sophia Vito – Kit-Kat’s

Kit-Kat is a recognizable and tasty Halloween candy that is given out quite frequently to trick-or-treaters. A delectable treat that varies in different kinds of chocolate, based on which flavor you get, wrapped around a wafer cookie. It’s brand and creamy crunchy taste are recognizable, and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know what a Kit-Kat is.

Nyesha Musgray -Blow pops /Blow pops mini’s

The bag contains Watermelon, Cherry, Sour Apple and Blue Razz flavors. The Blow Pop Minis have the same familiar taste and consistency as their lollipop counterparts – sweetly sour hard candy. … The gum inside a Blow Pop was never especially flavorful, nor did it last long. However, there was at least enough to chew. 

Shreya Patwardhan, Social Media Manager – Crunch

Crunch bars, simply said, are elite.The texture of these are unrivaled. The smooth chocolate and crispy rice puffs contrast each other and create a sense of superiority over any other candy. It’s in the name- crunch.

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Ruben Flores, Opinions Editor – Milky Way                 

If there’s one candy whose taste could never grow old, it’d have to be Milky Way chocolate bars. With a layer of caramel drizzled over a chocolate nougat, all covered in a light milk chocolate layer, the bars were created in 1923 specifically to recreate the taste of the Milky Way malted milk shake. And man, does it succeed. The biggest problem with chocolate on Halloween is that they tend to melt, but wth Milky Way, a few minutes in the fridge can turn this bar into a chilled confection that captures the lost essence of sitting on a bar stool, drinking a cool glass of sugary goodness.

Rosaura Miranda – Dove Dark Chocolate

The best chocolate bar out there must be the Silky Smooth Dove dark chocolate bar. This candy is the snack for when hunger starts to kick in and there’s nothing else to eat. It’s also the best to just snack in general. The flavor of the dark chocolate is not too sweet yet not too bitter. It’s creamy and smooth just like the name claims it to be.

Ellie Warthen- Gummy Bears

 Gummy Bears are one of Haribos most popular treats. With a variety of tasty colors and flavors, this candy is sure to meet expectations. Gummy Bear flavors range from strawberry, watermelon and orange, to lemon and pineapple! On Halloween, Gummy Bears are particularly counted as a “rare find,” and come in small, colorful packs, each with its own random amount of every flavor. On a night like this with a bright full moon, icky green goo and spooky frights, nothing tastes better than the sweet bear treat, Gummy Bears.

Sarahbi Westbrooks- Skittles

Regular, sour, wild berry, tropical,and more Skittles have been one of Halloween’s go to candies. “Can you taste the rainbow” you absolutely can these mini colorful treats burst fruity flavors that the others could not compete with. You can’t go wrong with these magical sweets literally; there’re so many options you got to like one.   Without skittles in your basket you might as well stay inside.    

William Thomas, Sports Editor – Sour Patch Watermelon

It may not be one of the “Staple” Halloween candies people think of, but by far it beats the rest. Sour Patch has the slogan “sour then sweet” and it fits perfectly with these delectable candies. The sourness of the candies hits you first, which is a light sour to begin with, but then the sweet taste of good ole watermelon hits the taste buds. These amazing little candies work good for any time of the day, and any time of the year. Anyone who gets any of these on halloween better take the time to appreciate the sweet and sour taste of one of the most unique candies out there. 

Deva Weiner- Lifesavers, the gummies         

Lifesavers have multiple flavors in each bag, so every time you take one out, it surprises you with a different flavor every time. Personally, I don’t like candies that are over the top sweet, but lifesaver gummies are perfect if you’re one of those people. They’re not super sweet, but they’re sweet enough to satisfy blood sugar haha. They’re really underrated but it is a very good on the road snack, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. They’ve been around since the 1900s, and they withstand heat better than chocolate. Kind of why it’s called a life saver, also because its shaped like a life preserve  

Ayjah Bolin – Sour gummy worms 

Sour gummy worms are the perfect candy to eat during halloween they’re sour and also kind of sweet plus they’re worms!