Affordable and Stylish Clothing Stores

It’s often a challenge to shop for clothes that match one’s taste. On top of that, it’s even more difficult to purchase clothes that are affordable. Luckily, students have found stores that offer great clothes at great prices. 

Senior Aaliyah Miller prefers going to Shein and Burlington. She prefers these stores due to their affordability, good quality and variety of styles. 

“[I would say I prefer Shein and Burlington] because the quality of the outfits is really good and I really like their two piece sets,” Miller said. “I would say I mostly buy the jewelry from Shein. I prefer online shopping over in store because it’s so much easier for me and most online stores have better things and more options.”

Senior Valeria Zarate enjoys shopping at Ross and Goodwill. She prefers these stores because of the affordable prices and the nice dresses and pants. 

“[I enjoy going to Ross because] it’s close to my house and the clothes are affordable,” Zarate said. “A lot of the time there are really nice dresses. Sometimes I do go to Goodwill for pants and random things.”

Sophomore Keith Molina says that he likes to shop at Nell Rose and Walmart due to their huge variety of clothing types and styles that fit his changes in aesthetics. 

“I like baggy pants, t-shirts, boxers and [Nell Rose and Walmart} have really good band t-shirts,” Molina said. “Alternative fashion is my favorite, but sometimes I will go from cottage core, to goth, to grunge and to soft aesthetics.”

Sophomore Kyan Torres says she enjoys going to Forever 21 and Hollister. Even though she enjoys these stores, Torres believes online shopping is better when buying at these specific stores. 

“I prefer online shopping [at Forever 21 and Hollister] because they usually have more options, sizes and colors. Pants are my all time favorite thing to buy and Forever 21 has some really good pants.”