Senior Goes Above and Beyond


Image by Nicolette Morgan Lee

Amelia Carine, Abby Carine and Nicolette Morgan Lee ran in the 2013 Austin Livestrong marathon on Feb. 17. Marathons are just one of many activities Carine participates in.

As seen in last year’s lip dub, McNeil is all about the clubs. Most students are part of at least one club or sport, sometimes both. However popular these organizations are, it’s hard to imagine being a part of four different ones, much less eight. That’s just a regular part of life for senior Abby Carine.

Carine is a member of FFA, NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, does Cross Country, Track and Field and is one of only two girls on the wrestling team. If that were not enough, she is also the vice president of Student Council.

“I got started doing one club and just kept adding on top of it until there was no more room anymore,” Carine said.

For as busy as she is, she manages to excel at all of her activities. Receiving awards in track, cross country and FFA, Carine proved herself to be successful in her endeavors.

“I manage my time mostly with a planner and a lot of early mornings,” Carine said. “I participate in so many things because I like being involved and knowing what is going on around our school.”

The wrestling team has only been around since 2011, and now Carine and junior Catherine Bilankski are the only girls on the team. Girls on a wrestling team has not been common, it’s working out well for Carine.

“All the guys are super nice and supportive and explain everything if we have any questions,” Carine said. “The guys also cheer us on a lot during the tournaments and vice versa.”

All of this may sound daunting, but in the end, not only does she have something to show for her time, but Carine’s activities are also rewards in themselves.

“My favorite part about all these things is seeing the accomplishments reaped from them. It’s very rewarding and I feel more connected to the people I work with to fulfill said goals.”