Hansel & Gretel

Once upon a time, there was a little family that consisted of two kids, a father, and a stepmother, the stepmother wanted to get rid of the kids because of the lack of food, or at least that is the story we all know, that is the story we’ve all been told, but what if I tell you that there is another version?, the witch’s version, my version.

People have always thought that I am the villain, that all I wanted to do was to kill the children, but that is not true, no one thought that the truth would eventually come out, but the truth was gonna come out sooner or later.

One morning, I heard a pair of little voices outside of my house, but that wasn’t all, they were also eating the wood of my house.

I decided to open the door to offer them some real food, “What are your names little children?” I asked with curiosity.

“My name is Hansel and my little sister’s Gretel.” Said the little boy.

“What were you doing eating the roof of my house?.” I asked

“The candy is really delicious, and we are starving because we haven’t eat in 3 days.” Said Hansel

That’s when I realized that they were hallucinating because they haven’t had any food or water for the past two days, and that can cause hallucination.

“Come in my dears,” I said with a cheerful voice. “I have real food for the both of you.”

They came inside and sat in the tea table I have next to my kitchen, I gave them some food and something to drink.

“What are you doing in the woods by yourselves little children?” I asked with curiosity. “Three days in the woods is a really long time for two little childrens.”

“Our parents left us there because of the lack of food at our house,” said Hansel. “And even though our dad didn’t want that, our stepmom did and our dad did what he was told.”

“Oh poor children, you can stay here, as long as you want.” I said to them.

“Thank you ma’am, we both appreciate it.”

“No problem,” I said. “But for now, the best thing you could do is get some rest.” And I pointed at the two beds I have for my grandchildren whenever they visit.

They fall asleep as soon as they touched the beds. While they were sleeping, I was making a soup, and some noodles for them to eat, so I decided to turn on the oven. I have the weird fetish of singing songs about really sketchy themes, like life after dead, so while they were sleeping I was cooking and singing, until I heard the children whisper. “Do you think she wants to kill us?” One of the kids said

“What if she’s just singing? Said the other one.

“But what if not?” I recognized Hansel’s voice “What if she’s doing the soup so she can put us in there and eat us?” He said worried.

I was about to start panicking, I didn’t wanted the to think that, what if they run and tell someone that?, they would believe the kids, I would believe them if they told me that, mostly because who would believe an old lady that lives in the middle of the woods.

I saw them run to the door, but I stopped them as soon as they got to the door, and locked them in one of the rooms, they were screaming and yelling saying that they didn’t wanted to die, that they wanted their daddy, and because of that they never heard that I told them that I wasn’t going to killed them, they kept screaming that the reason my house made of candy was for tricking kids to come in so I could kill them, but that’s not true, I don’t kill kids nor my house is made of candy.

I was about to open the door so I could let them go but before that the door is slammed open and I fall, they stepped over me and run out of the house.

I never saw them after that.