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  • McNeil High School, 5720 McNeil Drive, Austin, TX 78729

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Advertise where it really counts. The students, parents, and staff of McNeil High School will learn about your business in the official student newspaper they read.

General Info:

  • The Trailblazer is an online newspaper published continuously by the student staff.
  • Readers include students, staff members, parents, and alumni. Online subscriptions are free of charge.
  • Ads can be linked directly to your business website.
  • An advertising manger will be happy to assist you in preparing copy, design, photos and graphics for your ad. A coupon, which can be part of your ad, may be the best way to entice customers and directly monitor your ad’s effectiveness.

Advertising terms:

  • Ad space costs $30 per month
  • All advertising must be prepaid, subject to approval.


McNeil High School

Trailblazer Newspaper

5720 McNeil Drive

Austin, Tx 78729

Theresa Proctor – Adviser

Phone: 512-464-6405

Fax: 512-464-6550

E-Mail: [email protected]

Students’ yearly spending habits:

Clothing: $1,900

Video games/Music: $500

Movies: $480

Hygiene/Hair: $480

Food: $1,920

Nails: $720

Snacks: $1,040

Coffee/Tea: $460

Source: Trailblazer Survey

The student news site of McNeil High School
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