Henry Claus

Target, my favorite place. The place where I take my children, and the place where I grew up shopping at. I have one daughter, and one son. My son’s name is Leo and my daughter’s name is Emma. They both love Target as well. It was around December, we were going shopping to find stuff to make from online recipes. I was determined to make some homemade things for once, especially since Christmas was just around the corner. I let Emma and Leo browse around, but only to where I can see them.

Suddenly, I heard a squeal from my daughter, she quickly ran towards me. “Mom, I  found Santa Claus!” I jumped into panic mode, my kids are too young to know Santa isn’t real. I looked at her, pretending I was confused. I raised an eyebrow, “Where?” I almost sounded sarcastic. Emma took a long pause, scanning her eyes in hopes of finding Santa again. I took a sigh of relief, maybe I was overreacting.

I heard shouting, and saw Leo tackling Santa. I sighed too soon. I quickly ran to them trying to conceal the white lie of Santa being real. Emma just stood there snickering. Leo tugged on Santa’s fake  beard. Ripping it to pieces, “Hey! It’s Henry the bus driver! You’re not Santa!” Emma’s mouth dropped. They both looked at me with disappointment. I have a lot of explaining to do.