It’s A Dog’s Life For Me

I am a dog. Specifically I am a mutt. My owners have said that they don’t know what breed specifically because they adopted me from a friend. My life is a good one. I just moved into a new house with my owners and they seem happy, so I’m happy. My life is pretty normal and filled with love and affection from humans.

This morning, I woke up and made my mom take me outside to pee. It’s not my fault I have paws instead of hands and can’t open doors. If I could, I definitely wouldn’t rely on mom or anyone to let me out. I get to pee and I greet the neighbor’s dog as well with a friendly bark. I walk around and sniff, then I finally do the do. When I get back inside, I smell some dog food, so I go and eat while my humans are getting ready.

During the day while my humans are away, I am really lazy. I sleep a lot. Sometimes I even chew on pillows when I get too anxious. But I mostly sleep. There’s not a whole lot to do since I have to go in a cage while I’m alone. But when Mom and the kids come back, everything is okay again. I get to run around and  sniff and get petted and everything. It’s a good life.

Then we all eat dinner and it’s super yummy. Sometimes one of my humans will give me some of their food and then I’m really happy. And if I’m good, then I get a treat. My treats are the best.

At bedtime, I tell everyone to get off the couch and go to bed. I get to sleep on Mom’s bed and it is very soft. Especially the special blanket she got me. As I sleep, I dream of bright sun and open fields and getting lots of treats.

Like I said, it’s a good life!