I’ve always lived in the town of Saince. We have a lot to offer here, cheap prices, good weather, and awesome houses.The most popular attraction however, is the haunted cave mine. These attractions claim to be haunted, yet most are always wrong. However this mine genuinely has a ghost.

It was just a regular diamond mine, until one unfortunate miner struck a rock that held up the ceiling. The boulders came crashing down on the miners, and all the diamonds were lost to the chasm in the bottom of the mine. The searching party that came looking for the lost miners found this tragedy, and tried to recover as many diamonds and people as possible.

As a result, almost all of them fell and died as well. Eventually people gave up and accepted the defeat. Every now and again, people would go and venture down in search of diamonds. They all came out of the rocky entrance the same way, screaming and rambling on about demons and ghosts guarding the chasm. That’s how our little haunted mine got on the map.

Now people from all over the world are coming to this simple little country town, to investigate. I sort of like all the people, it’s fun to get to know them and see all the ways they live now. It isn’t all sunshine and roses though. Tourists are always stopping me on the street and asking for directions or where the best restraunt is.

All these people, give our town a sort of happy vibe. That could be why everyone comes here. Whatever the reason, people come and go. It’s like a cycle. There’s always the occasional accident which makes everything more busy. I doubt we will be able to keep this up though. Eventually one of the ghosts or demons will go to far.

I have gone down in the mine. I used to go down all the time. It was so cool. Everyone was so jump then when someone kicked a rock, everyone just about jumped out of their skins. When they got to the disaster site, the eerie screams started.Then they inched up the chasm edge, and looked down into the gaping darkness. Some said when they put light into the chasm, you could faintly see glittering gems.

Then the faces started to appear. The ghosts noticed their presence, and shined there glowing, transparent, eyes. They slowly floated upward, getting closer and closer, when they suddenly disappeared. That’s when all the tourists left. As I slowly moved from my hiding place behind the wall, I checked for anyone still looking. Then I floated back into the sunlight, putting my mask on. Then for the rest of eternity, I haunted this town.

I was that one unfortunate miner that struck that one pebble down, causing my demise. I was determined to get revenge on this town, for driving me here with a promise of money and fame. So I lured people down into the chasm, and killed them off one by one. Eventually my work will be done, and I will finally be able to join my body in eternal peace.