Rickie and the President

All he wanted to do was live an ordinary high school life, but that dream was shattered on the first day. Where am I? I need to make it to the orientation fast, Rickie thought as he searched frantically for the cafeteria. Suddenly, a voice from behind him said, “Are you a first year?” Rickie turned around and saw a beautiful girl standing behind him. “Y-Y-Yes, I’m kinda lost.” “Follow me then,” the girl said as she took Rickie’s hand which made Rickie’s heart start pumping. Luckily he made it to the orientation just in the nick of time and he took a seat in the back.

The orientation was so boring that Rickie was on the verge of sleeping,but, at that moment, a voice boomed from the microphone, “Hi little freshmen! How’s it going?” Everyone roared in response which nearly scared the living hell out of Rickie. “Geez, who’s that,” but when Rickie saw who was speaking “No way, it’s the girl that I just met!” Everyone was screaming “Big Sister Alexis! Big Sister Alexis!” Rickie was astounded by the welcome that everyone gave to her that he was speechless.

Apparently, Alexis was the most beautiful girl in school and she was the president of Student Council. “How do you not know the famous Alexis Smith?”, Rickie’s friends told him “she’s popular amongst everyone in this school!” “She’s always elegant and cool that students fall to their knees when she passes,” Rickie’s best friend, Chad, said. “Is she really that popular?”, Rickie asked. “Big Sis. Alexis is the perfect girl that any guy could ask for, dude!”, Chad said “I heard that everyone calls her President or Big Sis and that only the people who she likes can call her by her name”. Rickie quickly discovered that Chad was right because everyone was on the ground when Big Sis. Alexis came by. “Wow she must be popular around here, interesting.”

One day after school, Rickie found a bird on the ground at school, “Geez, I hate it how animals always get hurt out here.” “So you’re the one right?”, a voice said behind Rickie. It was Big Sis. Alexis that was standing behind him. “Student Council President! Sorry, I’ll leave the school grounds right now!” Rickie started to run but Alexis was holding onto his wrist, “Were you the one who’s been helping these animals?” “Sorry, I just wanted to help them get better,” Rickie blurted out. Alexis chuckled, “I like people like you because you never abandon those in need and you help them to the end.” Rickie’s face turned red, “What are you talking about?” “You know what I’m talking about,” Alexis said, spun around “What’s your name?” “Rickie, Rickie Harden, first year!” “Rickie, huh, I’ll remember that name. You don’t have to be that formal with me, you can just call me Alexis next time!”, Alexis said as she left.

On the next day, Rickie got a note to get out of class, “I wonder what’s up today” as he made his way to the Student Council room. “Excuse me…”, Rickie poked his head in and slowly opened the  door. Rickie looked around and saw Alexis,”Welcome to the Student Council room” she said with a warm smile “would you like to join Student Council, Rickie?” “But I haven’t done anything remarkable so far…”, Rickie started. “I’ve seen that you help out injured animals, the elderly and children, and you even stay after school to help clean up on your own which shows me that you’re qualified,” Alexis said “think about it.”

That same day, some fourth years came up to Rickie, “Hey, kid, what’s your business with Alexis?” “Nothing important,” Rickie responded. “You think you so popular now because the President like you?” The seniors started to close in on Rickie but a voice made everyone freeze, “Don’t hit Rickie!” It was Alexis, Why she doing here? The seniors admitted their defeat but said, “You remember this, first year!” and laughed. “Are you alright?”, Alexis asked. “I guess.” Alexis hugged Rickie and said, “Don’t ever do something like that again!” “I’m sorry Alexis, I guess I owe you one for saving me.” “Then can I ask you a favor Rickie?”, Alexis asked in a small voice “can you, umm, walk home with me?” Out of all the boys in school, Rickie thought, the famous Alexis Smith asked me to accompany her home, whaaat the hell? “Sure, why not?” As soon as Rickie said that, Alexis clung onto him, “I’ve always been lonely because I’m the president of Student Council, but when I met you, I felt something special about you.” “But why me out of all the boys in school?” “I just hate those boys who keep pestering me every day because of my looks and reputation but you stood out because you weren’t one of them.” Rickie was blushing so hard that he could’ve boiled an egg on his head.

It started to rain and Rickie quickly pulled out his umbrella, “Can’t have Miss Alexis Smith catch a cold can I?” Rickie didn’t even mean to say that but he could see Alexis smiling as she cried, “I haven’t met someone as sweet as you, Rickie.” Rickie quickly turned away, “Umm… sure… isn’t that what anyone would do for someone as famous as you?” “No, Rickie, you’re the only one who has done something for me. The other boys just try and impress me with their looks and things like that, but no one has ever helped me.” “I-Is that so…” which pretty ended the conversation as Rickie and Alexis walked along in silence.

When they made it to Alexis’s house Alexis asked, “Rickie, do you want to stay here for the night?” “Sorry, I don’t think one guy living with one girl is a good idea though…”, Rickie started but Alexis eyes just seemed too inviting so he gave in. Alexis was an awesome cook, “Wow, whoever’s your boyfriend must be the luckiest man on earth for having the perfect wife!” which made Alexis blush, “Sorry, did I say anything weird?” but Alexis responded with a soft laugh. After dinner, Rickie began to work on his homework at 8:00 in the living room but was stumped on the first problem, What the hell am I supposed to do to solve this?, “Do you need help with your homework?”, Alexis asked. “Umm… sorry… can you help me?”, Rickie said in embarrassment “Haha, sure Rickie, you’re so cute when you’re embarrassed.” After Rickie finished all his homework, it was 8:56, Goddamn! I never finish homework that fast, much less in 56 minutes.

Maybe I should apologize to Alexis for teaching me how to do all of my homework, Rickie thought as he made his way to Alexis’s room. “Excuse me…”, Rickie opened the door and saw her “I’m really sorry for being a bother to you.” To his surprise, Alexis laughed, “Rickie, you’ve been anything but a bother to me.” Then, Rickie saw Alexis’s face change, “Rickie, can you close your eyes for a bit?” “Umm… Prez?” “Please?” Rickie closed his eyes, She’s gonna hit me or something. A minute passed and nothing happened, This is too long for her to get ready to hit me I wonder what’s happening. Suddenly, Rickie felt something wrapping around him and something soft and tender touch his lips. Rickie opened his eyes and saw that Alexis was kissing him! “Wait… what?”, Rickie started. Alexis, turned away, embarrassed, “I’ve always liked you ever since we’ve met because you aren’t like the other guys out there, you’re always helping those in need, you’ve always stayed by injured animals and made sure that they were fully healed before you let them roam free, you’ve always stayed after school until everything was perfectly positioned and clean, and, most of all, you didn’t try to impress me with your looks or anything like the other guys but you made me fall for you because of your nature.” Rickie could see tears on her face as she talked so Rickie put his hands around her, “Alexis, I don’t know if I’ve told you yet, but I’ve always looked up to you ever since we met.” Rickie and Alexis kissed again and Rickie knew that the normal, boring high school life he dreamed of was long behind him.