2016: Year of Memes


Memes involve a subjects ranging from Arthur’s fist to a cartoon frog.

Like always, trends have come and go. However, this year marked an epic moment for one of the most efficient forms of entertainment: memes.

Arthur’s Fist, from the TV show Arthur, encompassed frustration in a kid like fashion. This meme, often accompanied by captions demonstrating the meme maker’s anger and annoyance, rose in fame for its reminiscent qualities. Arthur’s Fist reminded Instagrammers of their childhood.

Another popular, yet more short lived, meme trend was “Dat Boi,” which involved a frog on a unicycle. Although many people find “Dat Boi” hilarious (perhaps simply due to the name), I have yet to find the humor.

Spongegar arose from the past and once again became insanely popular. This meme involves a primitive Spongebob, who holds a caveman’s stick and has a protruding mouth, from Spongebob episode SB-129. Since a significant number of Instagram users have watched Spongebob in the past, social media had been swept by Spongegar memes. Spongegar’s hilariously confused expression welcomes a wide range of captions.

After a Cincinnati Zoo employee shot Harambe dead with the intention of saving the child who had crawled into the gorilla den, angry Instagram users began to post with the #harambe. The idea of protesting the needless death is acceptable, yet when posts began to portray Harambe in grotesque manners, the memes lost respect and dignity. Overall, the trend was a little distasteful but still creative.

The Socially Awkward Penguin dominated memes throughout the year. Captioned with relatable, awkward social situations, the Socially Awkward Penguin successfully captured the mixed feelings of humor, embarrassment, and clumsiness. Needless to say, the Socially Awkward Penguin features a penguin lacking self confidence and social skills.

2016 has been filled with humor captured by the memes; we can only hope that next year will bring new dynamics and creative ideas.