Back in Style

Harry Styles Comes to Austin for World Tour


Image by Amy Gonzalez

Harry Styles dancing on stage to “Kiwi”

It’s the sign of the times, Harry Styles LIVE at the Moody Theater in downtown Austin.

I’ve seen One Direction once before, but this is the first time Harry Styles headlined his own world tour. His music style is different from One Direction’s music, because he transitioned from pop to soft rock.


Pre-Show: The venue was pretty small; but no matter where you sat the view was amazing. The show was supposed to start at 8 p.m, but since there were approximately 2,000 fans and only one entrance, the concert started about 30 minutes later than expected. The line wrapped around the building and continued down the street.

The opening act, Muna, did their job well, and captivated the crowd with their positive vibes and upbeat music. They finished up their set with their hit song “Everything” and a cover of Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen.”


Showtime: About five minutes before Harry came on-stage, a big floral sheet was hung to cover the stage. A spotlight shone in the center of the sheet, and a silhouette of Harry and his guitar was displayed. He teased the crowd by singing part of his song “Ever Since New York,” turning out the light at least twice. The last time the light faded away, the sheet fell down, causing an eruption of screams at the sight of him.

His performance for the first three songs was energetic and lively. Throughout the concert, he spoke about equality and being true to yourself. In one of his speeches, he asked us to pair up with a fellow fan we didn’t know around us, give them a hug, and tell them they are loved. After all, his tour motto is “Treat People With Kindness.”

After interacting with the fans, he performed more of his set. He sang the best song of the night, “Kiwi”, twice. The crowd loved it so much, because the energy on stage also translated to the crowd, his performance was absolutely spectacular. Throughout the concert, everyone sang.

“If you have not yet sang, this is the time for you to sing,” Harry said just before the last couple of songs, “If you have not danced, dance your [butt] off, because I want everyone to break out of their comfort zone, and have fun.”

Post Concert: Once the lights were on and everyone piled out, so many girls were crying that the show was over and limping because of the mosh pit, but they were smiling anyways. Getting out of the venue was not a big issue, and it was fast and easy.


Overall, the Harry Styles concert was inspiring, positive, and energetic. If I could attend another tour of his, I most definitely would. It was memorable and I felt comfortable with being myself and letting loose.