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‘Jumanji’ remake offers modern, new take on a classic


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Remaking a beloved cult classic film is a tricky thing.

The 21st Century version of Jumanji released in December has a whole history and fan base to consider when attracting new fans and creating iconic moments of its own.

And it doesn’t disappoint.

Jumanji isn’t trying to copy or re-do its original predecessor because it knows audiences are tired of watching the same predictable plots and unimaginative quality that have continually shown up in the box office.

Instead, Jumanji delivers two hours of unabashed fun and humor as a film that could only exist in present day.

Having the film’s plot revolve around teenagers forced to band together while stuck in the bodies of stereotypical video game characters to save the world of Jumanji will always toe a thin line between campy and hilarity.

But it’s self-aware. Modern. Funny, yet not derogatory.

It’s a relief to watch the film and know that, in fact, a Breakfast Club-style group of teens can definitely be hilarious when confronted with adult personas and old-fashioned stereotypes.

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