Ad Astra

A dramatic relationship emerged in a sci-fi concept


Thirty years had passed since Commander Clifford McBride (Tommy Lee Jones) led the Lima Project, a mission with the objective of discovering alien life throughout the universe. Once reaching Neptune the Lima Project crew was not heard from again. Sixteen years later, astronaut Roy McBride embarks on a mission to find the Lima Project crew and Commander McBride, who also happens to be his father. 


Although Ad Astra is a sci-fi movie, the beauty of the film lies in a troubled father-son relationship between Clifford and Roy, who, despite both being very distant, share a similar personality. Clifford (father) has sacrificed his own life for his career. While Roy (son) seems less cold blooded than his father, he is also an emotionally reserved person that has harmed people around him due to his career . The best moment in the film is when Clifford says to his son “We’re the last of a dying breed.’’ This scene perfectly depicts that although they were so distant physically and are both so distant affectionately they both share the same ambitions and determined personality.


Although the movie carries a very interesting concept, the delivery of the story does not satisfy that. The movie is very slow-paced and the main character does not help at all due to his lack of emotion, and many voice-overs are added to compensate Roy’s lack of dialog. Fortunately, the movie is packed with amazing cinematography directed by Hoyte Van Hoytema, who also happens to be the artist behind movies like Interstellar and Dunkirk. The film’s audible performance is also amazing consisting of a great soundtrack and Brad Pitt’s voice overs.