Top 10 Halloween Movies

Having a sleepover on halloween or just chilling and want to have a spooky movie to watch? Then just watch one of the movies on the list and relax.

  1. Casper– “Can I keep you?” 

Where a ghost meets a girl who just moved in and gets a crush! This is a great movie for kids and even the teens love it. 

2. Hocus Pocus– “Just a bunch of hocus pocus!” 

300 years is a long time to wait before being resurrected. When a virgin lights a candle, three sisters come to try and take over Salem. Great to watch with friends while eating a bunch of snacks. 

3. All of the Halloween Town movies- “Magic is really simple, all you’ve got to do is want something and then let yourself have it.” 

In this movie, being normal is vastly overrated-just ask the people living in halloween town! A normal girl, Marny, learns she is not so normal when her grandmother comes to visit this Halloween. Great to watch with younger siblings!

4. Corpse Bride– “There’s an eye in me soup.” 

Don’t practice your vows in the woods or you’ll break a corpse’s dead heart. A young man is nervous and decides to test out his vows in the woods, which ends up with a one way ticket to the underworld. Great to watch with older siblings.  

5. Silence of the Lambs– “Hello Clarice.” 

You don’t want to talk to this doctor-it won’t end well! A new recruit is assigned to interview a serial killer and starts to have a special bond with the doctor.  Great watch with parents or older family members. 

6. Adams Family– “Yes orphans, we need more of them!”

 “The only thing on their mind is HOMICIDE!!”  Great for watching alone or with friends for a good laugh. 

7. My little vampire (live action)– “you’re a human! You’re full of blood!” 

You bite it, you buy it. A little boy moves to Scotland and finds himself in the company of a little vampire one night. He has to help save his new friends’ family and break their curse! Good for little kids and their parents. 

8. Sweeny Todd- “ What is this, smells like piss, looks like piss, this is piss.” 

Don’t mess with the barber-it will be your neck! Mr. Todd gets out of prison and gets revenge on those who wrongfully put him there. Good for older kids and parents. 

9. Sleepy Hollow- “I think you have no heart. And I once had the mind to give you mine.”

The Queen of Hearts isn’t the only one who says off with your head. When a town starts to complain about a curse, a forensic scientist comes down to solve the problem.  Fun to watch with older siblings and friends. 

10. IT– “Georgie want a balloon.” 

Not a very funny clown. When Bill’s little brother goes missing along with other kids he decides to investigate and finds that one of the old town legends is true. Great for a sleepover.