The Brief History of 5 Popular Halloween Candies

Candy Corn

An employee at the Wunderle Candy Company named Geroge Renninger invented the candy sometime in the 1880’s and they became the first company to produce the sweet. Then the Herman Goelitz Candy Company began producing in 1898. The Herman Goelitz Candy Company was rebranded to the Jelly Belly Candy Company. Brach’s, which is owned by the Ferrara Candy Company, is now the largest producer of Candy Corn.


Forrest Mars Sr. was the son of Franklin Mars who founded Mars. Inc. When Forrest Mars Sr. moved to Europe during the Spanish Civil War, which lasted from 1936-1939, he noticed British troops eating smarties. This inspired him to create M&Ms. He teamed up with Bruce Murrie to produce M&Ms which is where the name M&Ms came from, Mars and Murrie. When the United States entered World War II in 1941 it became popular among soldiers. But after the war their partnership was no longer. He eventually obtained his father’s business.


Snickers is another brainchild of the corporate candy making machine that is Mars. Inc. It was invented by Forrest Mars Sr. in 1930, and he named it after his horse who was also named Snickers. It was brought to the U.K in 1973, but was discontinued in 1981 under the name the Marathon Bar.


In the Twix right and Twix left commercials where the factories are side by side. In one of the commercials they say brother Seamus and Earl Twix invented Twix, but they both wanted control of the company so they split it in half. That’s not true in the slightest. Twix was created in the U.K. by Mars. Inc under the name Raider. In 1979 it was released to the United States under the name Twix. In 1991 the Twix name was adopted internationally. In reality Twix left and right was just an ad campaign.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

H.B. Reese the founder of Reese’s fathered 16 children. He moved to Hershey, Pennsylvania to work on Milton Hershey’s farm, and he eventually got a job working in the chocolate factory and began making his own candies. He started the R&R Candy Company as little more than a side hustle. But as his business grew he quit his job and devoted more time to it. One of the candies he sold was the beloved Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and the rest is history.