Homecoming Dance: A Night To Remember


Image by Kylie Brommel

The lights were dimmed and the chandelier hung high, illuminating the room with a golden essence. The girls fixed their dresses and guys combed through their hair one more time; and together they walked into the room. That room was none other than the 2012 Homecoming Dance.When we first entered the room we were surrounded with fancy tables and chandeliers and we couldn’t wait to see the dance floor. It wasn’t as I expected, balloons, streamers, and all, but it was good overall.The music blasted throughout the room and compelled a lot of teens to just come up and dance. At the beginning people were getting upset because of the lack of good music. For next year it might be a good idea to get the music sorted out before the dance in case there is a shortage. But later that evening, the DJ made up for it and finally gave us the music we wanted; even though it started with the Cha Cha Slide.

It was a wonderful idea to have a room where all the girls and guys could put away items they didn’t want to carry. It was safe, reliable and accessible anytime you needed.

Apart from all the fun on the dance floor, the food was good. They served mini burgers, chicken strips, a variety of cookies, and salad with drinks of soda, lemonade, or water. The cookies were fantastic and the mini burgers were tasty also. The lemonade could have been better, but it was delicious nonetheless.

The homecoming dance was beautiful. As more people came the more comfortable people became. Truly I enjoyed myself and hope everyone else did too.