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Anonymous, Guest Writer

May 10, 2017

Filed under Columns, Opinion

She’s lying in bed again. That’s all she does these days. That’s all she can do. I muster up the strength to go into the room again and sit in the chair next to her bed. “This is her chair,” I think to myself,...

The End?

Kerstie Laurence, Guest Writer, Creative Writing

August 4, 2016

Filed under Creative Life

You’re gone now. I know that, I can see that. Can I feel that? I can feel it in my brain. Can there be an end to this pain?   How do you cope with the loss of a hero? I can’t say goodbye to you. ...

Just As Always

Kimma Dunnahoo, Guest Writer, Creative Writing

June 26, 2016

Filed under Creative Life

The smell of coffee hit my face, just as it always has. I lifted my head and made eye contact with the barista. It’s Wednesday, and it’s 2:30. Kate’s on shift, just as she always has. She gives me a kind smile as I walk...

My Friend the Angel

Britney Cheverez, Guest Writer, Creative Writing

June 17, 2016

Filed under News

The day I met Matthew was the best day ever. That was the day he became my best friend. Me and Matthew were really close friends we became friends in 3rd grade. My class was outside for recess and I was sitting alone in a ro...

The Longest Drive

Luisa Perry, Entertainment Editor

March 4, 2016

Filed under Columns

Throughout my life, I have been on many car drives and by far, the longest drive was the one from my house to my best friend’s funeral. What actually was a 10-minute trip felt like 10 years. As we pulled up to the church, the...

A Walk With Elephants

Emma Bean, Guest Writer

February 5, 2016

Filed under Columns, Opinion

Hal Perrine. Although he is no longer of this world, I will always remember the old man who collected anything and everything involving elephants. I do not have a definite reason as to why he was fascinated with such thing...

Moment of Truth

Sean Mason, Sports Editor

November 20, 2012

Filed under Opinion

As I sit down and reflect on the kid I was about six months ago, I think of someone who was searching for an event or moment that would define them. I would often see stories of successful people on TV and they would tell of stories...

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