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Time to Breathe


December 8, 2016

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As the dust settles on the historic and unprecedented presidential election of 2016, we are left to make sense of the result. For some, the air is fresher than it has been for a while. But for many others, the rubble remains as a...

Creating a Safe Learning Environment for Students

Staff Editorial

June 13, 2016

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High School should be a safe place for hormone-filled teenagers to grow as individuals and learn how to conduct themselves in the professional world. However, recent events have exposed that high school can and has been used as...

Dangerous Temperatures for Homeless

Griselda, reporter

February 3, 2016

Filed under Editorials

Emergency shelters open their doors during frigid temperatures, but restrictive procedures make accommodations difficult for the homeless population. Certain shelters focus on housing either all female or male applicants. Shelte...

Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not, Want Not

October 15, 2015

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