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Potential Within the Cracks

Griselda Maya, reporter

November 1, 2015

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Cracks, scribbles on the walls, and stains on the stairwell. That’s what most people choose to focus on. However, McNeil is more than the small things people tend to look at. The school’s charm is made of more than its appear...

What’s All the Commotion? Senior Year

Amrin, Madhani

October 19, 2015

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Senior Year is Chill Laid-back Stress Free None of the Above   The right answer? None of the Above.     A common goal that is unanimously desired among the bustling hallways of every high school is th...

Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not, Want Not

October 15, 2015

Restroom Remodel Needed

Ekko Clish, Reporter

October 10, 2015

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McNeil High School is definitely not known for its beautiful, porcelain restrooms. Deep green stalls with gender-coded floor tiles: nude pink for females, nude pink and mint green for males. Fluorescent lights taper onto creamy...

The Great Parking Lot Escape

Brandon Roebuck, Reporter

September 24, 2015

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The first day of school was tiring as always. You’re exhausted, itching to get home, settle down, and chill out. You climb into your ride and lay your head back, dreaming of the shut-eye you can get now that the day is done. E...

Senior Year: Best and Worst Year

Sam Collins, Reporter

June 3, 2015

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While we seniors are counting down the remaining days of school, the class of 2016 is looking forward to their last year at McNeil and already beginning to panic. The idea of the senior year is as terrifying as it is exciting. Throughout...

Your Opinion Matters, Same For Everyone Else

Caroline Yong, Opinions Editor

March 4, 2015

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Lately, top news broadcasts have been teeming with stories like Ferguson, “Je suis Charlie,” and the Chapel Hill shooting. These events focus on race and religion — topics often controversial, when they really shouldn’t...

Tales as Old as Time

Tales as Old as Time

February 23, 2015

And the Winner Is …

February 19, 2015

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