Societal Problem and Solution

The Heel of My People
We, the last of a dying age,

We the chosen to lift ourselves,

We the last words of our resting forefathers,

We have failed. We are okay with that.

Falling ever closer to our own inevitable demise,

We would sooner look for the remote than a solution,

We would sooner consume the fuel of complacency,

Than strive to preserve the solemn dreams of our dead and dying,


And we are okay with that.


“On Earth As It Is In Heaven”

Terrible though our laxness may be,

There still exist those whose hell,

They have sworn will not be this earth,

And whose earth will be as one with heaven,


There are those who know what is gone,

And know what yet will come to be gone,

And say enough is not finally enough,

They will be our future. And we will not.
And we are okay with that.