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Espresso Your Talents

Espresso Your Talents

February 27, 2019

Speak up!

Jinhee Wang, Sports editor

October 10, 2018

McNeil speak peace poetry club co-president, Angela Reavis, is giving a poetry speech in nation poetry contest.


Griselda Maya, Creative Writing

September 3, 2016

Bland potential. Things were smooth He was nothing more than a friend In the same space but unblended Then out of nowhere things got rough He became thoughts of ‘we’ Like chunks of ice thrown into the mix to ...

Thank You Cutie, Always

Justin Chen, Guest Writer, Creative Writing

September 2, 2016

Life's not fair to any of us, It’s harsh and cruel, It is the silent assassin that sucks our essence away Everything that we cherish, no matter how small, is taken away from us. It has taken my hamster away from me right unde...

A Goodbye Poem

Emily Nichols, Guest Writer, Creative Writing

September 2, 2016

Before you, I was nothing but a shell of what I am today. Before you, a consuming fear made my life a constant battle. You were the lights that lead me out of the darkness. Before you, I never knew the true feel...


Andrew Weir, Guest Writer, Creative Writing

September 1, 2016

These fragments of an emotion that was Naturally repelled yet forced together This shrapnel for a self that was Mangled to a larcenous anarchic beauty Love is a cruel desire   Oh dystopia Yet we can’t falter Yet...

A Celebration

Zhiqi Wang, Guest Writer, Creative Writing

September 1, 2016

Some people ease in, slip away. They seem there, then they’re not. Not him. He came in like a wrecking ball.   Lights, cameras, action! Everything felt like a movie, a dream. His drippingly s...

Societal Problem and Solution

Marcus Burton, Guest Writer, Creative Writing

August 30, 2016

The Heel of My People We, the last of a dying age, We the chosen to lift ourselves, We the last words of our resting forefathers, We have failed. We are okay with that. Falling ever closer to our own inevitable d...

Cry Baby

Griselda Maya, Creative Writing

August 29, 2016

I am the ultimate cry baby. “Punished” twice And all I’ve learned is that I am really good at crying.   The first time Daddy was upset. I had left school without telling him And the cops that gathered said I was missing....

A Life of Wonder

Emma Bean, Guest Writer, Creative Writing

August 28, 2016

I wish to have a life that is far from quiet. I want stories to tell about an adventure, a terror, and a kiss. I want to stand on the front lines of a riot, Plunge head first into an abyss. I want to dance atop gre...

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