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A Celebration

Inspired by Taylor Swift’s 'Wildest Dreams'


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Some people ease in,

slip away.

They seem there,

then they’re not.

Not him.

He came in like a wrecking ball.


Lights, cameras, action!

Everything felt like a movie, a dream.

His drippingly sweet words,

His crooked smile,

His borderline-scandalous liberties

So bad but he does it so well.


The pieces of me fell like confetti around him.

Colorful, chaotic, exciting, but fleeting.

I flew in the wind.

Then I fell lightly, unknowingly.

Until I came away,

with nothing.


A Chinese proverb says “there’s no party in this world that doesn’t end.”

I thought he was more.

I should’ve known.

He was the host.

And I was everything else.

RSVP’d, attended, cleaned up.


Onto the next one he goes.

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A Celebration