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These fragments of an emotion that was

Naturally repelled yet forced together

This shrapnel for a self that was

Mangled to a larcenous anarchic beauty

Love is a cruel desire


Oh dystopia

Yet we can’t falter

Yet we can’t afford

Yet we can’t attain

Yet we must toil


First a sheep to a treacherous wolf

Circles torn to strands

Strands to points

Points to void

Void left alone


Second a caretaker to a ragged scarecrow

Grown to protect its fields

Beaten to protect its maker

Ground to protect another

Hung to protect nothing


Third a casualty of a viced beauty

A name mentioned in passing

A name thrown in disgust

A name cleaned as slate

A name forgotten   


Fourth a puppet to a masquerade

Pieced to shatter

Poised to sacrifice

Placed to dispose

Pleased to help


Oh dystopia

Yet we can’t…

Yet we can’t…

Yet we can’t ever be the same

Yet we aren’t over yet


Last a soul on their own

To wander aimlessly

To wander hopefully

To wander painfully

To wander happily


Love is a cruel desire  

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