A Goodbye Poem

Before you,

I was nothing but a shell of what I am today.

Before you,

a consuming fear made my life a constant battle.

You were the lights that lead me out of the darkness.

Before you,

I never knew the true feeling of love.

You were my strength.

You were my weakness.

You made me feel safe,

and opened me up.

I loved you for you,

but now it seems that you did not.

Little did I know,

the world you loved so much,

was slowly killing you.

Your smile hid a lot sometimes,

and now mine does the same.

I can feel my walls rebuilding at the lack of you embrace.

You took your life that snow filled night.

But also you took mine.

Cause now I’m all left with is memories of you.

Your smile, your laugh,

the small things that you’d do.

You were my world,

and now you’re gone.

All hope is lost,

I can’t move one.

You were my love