Thank You Cutie, Always

Life’s not fair to any of us,

It’s harsh and cruel,

It is the silent assassin that sucks our essence away

Everything that we cherish, no matter how small, is taken away from us.

It has taken my hamster away from me right under my nose

And left objects that remind me of her.

I remember the overwhelming joy that flooded me when I first got her

And now, she is gone.

I always feel this burden when I see her cage and toys

Images of her running around form in my mind

And tears begin to fall down my face.

I roll her ball around

To help bring her back.

I remember that she always sat on my friend’s dog like a commander

She was the star of the show.

I put wood chips into her bowl and clean her cage

To relieve myself from thinking about her.

I looked at my hands and smiled

I would always remember where her bite marks were when I first handled her

It was a tough beginning but we managed to become good friends

She might not be here anymore but a bite mark is enough to keep her with me.

It would be impossible for me to forget my little hamster

She may be gone, but she will never be forgotten

Thank you for always being there to comfort me, Cutie