Debbie Pins: Raising Money for Breast Cancer


“Debbie Pins” are sold to bring awareness to breast cancer. There are about 100 “Debbie Pins” circulating around McNeil.

Lately, numerous buttons and pins of a girl’s face have appeared on backpacks and bags around school. These buttons are called Debbie Pins.

“I got one because I knew it was going towards a good cause,” junior Claire McAnally said.

Junior Debbie Pehr has created Debbie Pins to help raise money and bring awareness to breast cancer. The money she raises will be directed towards helping women who can’t afford the treatments.

Pehr started this project before winter break, and at first had given her pins for free. Now, Pehr has been selling “Debbie Pins” for a dollar each.. About 100 Debbie Pins are currently circulating around the school. It’s not only students who are getting involved with this fundraiser, but teachers are joining in as well, marveled at the creative and thoughtful idea.

“This is the most interesting and unique idea I have ever seen a student do,” English teacher Erin Balfour said.

In the future, Pehr wishes to expand her sales as she continues to raise money and popularity with her buttons.

“When I have enough money, I’m thinking of making T-shirts, too.” Pehr said.

Pehr hopes to have more people buy her buttons as she thinks that it is a great way to contribute to charity and also a great way to build a sense of community in the school.

“I want to help women who can’t afford breast cancer treatments,” Pehr said. “I want this to be my legacy after graduation.”