Current Events Club Builds Student Community Through Global Topics

Current Events club, or CEC, is about bringing together students to talk about hot topics and issues that are circulating around the globe.

“We discuss current political, economic, and social events that are taking place in the United States and also worldwide,” co-founder Tito Villegas said.

In CEC, students can discuss and debate about controversial issues and relate it to what they are learning in school and on social media.

“We recently talked about foreign policies and related it to class,” AP Government teacher and sponsor of CEC Rachel Brooks said.

CEC is a student-run club and is meant to have a casual get-together atmosphere, where people are free to share their ideas and thoughts on issues.

“We want to provide an interesting learning experience,” senior Emma Krauss said.

So far the total number of CEC members is eight, but to those who are interested in joining, CEC meets every Wednesday morning at 8:15 a.m. in room B114.

“We want people to get informed on today’s news,” Krauss said. “Not by biased information and opinions.”