Mavericks Take Galloping Victory Over the Cardinals


McNeil Fans go wild after taking the lead Vs Del Valle.


The Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex was shaken Sept. 4, as well as all the Mavericks’ fans.

Within the first minute of play, the Mavericks scored a touchdown setting the stage for a long night for the Del Valle Cardinals. McNeil won 45-28.

However, as the Maverick offense lined up against the Del Valle defense, a slight panic arose. Most of the Del Valle D-line oversized McNeil’s O-line.

“Yeah, I mean they’re pretty big,” senior Andrew Hintz said. “But we played pretty hard so we weren’t too worried.”

Senior quarterback Hayden Cooper led the Mavericks in rushing for 161 yards and two touchdowns. Justin Ward earned this week’s spotlight with two touchdown passes and and a whopping 156 yards.

Once McNeil took the lead in the first quarter, the coaches, fans and players kept spirits high leading to an electrifying win.