Take a Stroll with Hiking Club

The Hiking Club continues to flourish in its second year.  

“Some of the seniors from last year and I started it,” senior Jessica Price said. “It’s been been going strong this year as well.”

Sponsored by Craig Studer, the AP US and European History teachers goal of the club is to let students embark on hikes and trails in which they have a chance to appreciate the value of nature and fresh air.

Meet ups vary in location and date, but every meet will always be held at a park or trail on a Saturday. Through these meets, students get the chance to socialize with friends and classmates while also enjoying some exercise.

“We’re a group of students that just like to go hiking on Saturdays,” Price said.

As of now, the club has 12 members who participate in these walks. The next meeting date and location is to be announced.

“I recommend people to join this club,” Senior Victoria Hammon said, “It’s fun and you get to be in touch with nature”. We also get to eat breakfast tacos afterwards.”