Latin Club: Learn, Experience Ancient Roman culture.


Image by Latin Club

Latin Club members participate in an Olympic event– water balloon toss.

Students, who are interested in learning more about the culture of Ancient Rome, should consider joining Latin Club. Interested students can expect to learn about the ancient culture, as well as learn the language itself through various team-building activities and competitions that are held by the club.

Latin Club, which is sponsored by Latin language teacher Keely Drummond, has been an active club for the last couple of years and has gained recognition for it’s tendency to combine modern day activities with activities done back in Ancient Rome.

“It has been going on for the last four years,” Latin Club President Sruthi Kosuru said. “But this year, we decided to be more involved and have more activities so that the club is more widely recognized. We do this through various activities. One example is when we had a class Olympics.”

Many of the activities and team-building exercises have relevance to Ancient Roman culture, in which members can connect with how people of that era lived their lives.

“We do a bunch of team-building activities,” Kosuru said. “For example, the water balloon toss was like ancient gladiator fencing.”

Latin Club has about 30 active members and is open to anyone interested because there are no requirements to join. Latin Club meets monthly in P10B and last from 4:15 to 5 p.m.

“We are always open to new members.” Kosuru said. “Hospitality was a big part of the culture of the Romans.”