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How to survive freshman year


McNeil Students at Lunch

Welcome freshmen. It’s the first year of high school; a new start and a great beginning. The beginning of high school is an opportunity to make memories, grow, and explore a future career before the real world hits us in the face. Here is some advice to help you survive each day of freshman year.
Be Prepared
“Always come prepared to school, with a notebook and a pencil and be ready to work,” freshman English teacher Christian Morrow said. “Being prepared is always a good essential.”
Get Enough Rest
“Go to bed on time. I know students need their sleep because I have three kids and if they don’t go to bed on time they would not be able to do their school work,” paraprofessional Tamara Woodard said.

Find a Connection
“When I was a freshman I wasn’t prepared for high school and I knew I felt I was going to be lost for the first days of school,” senior Marisol Alires said. “But I made friends who were older than me and they helped me in my freshman classes and throughout high school.”
Use Flex, Tutoring Times
“Freshmen can use upperclassmen as a resource; they can help with many questions freshmen have with classes,” Morrow said. “Asking questions is not a bad thing; it’s just learning for a better understanding.”