Humans of McNeil: Football

Name: Pablo Ellis

Grade: Junior

What’s it like going back to practice after the quarantine? How do you guys play?

In the locker rooms and walking out to the field we try to stay distanced, but by the time we get our helmets on it’s go time

Do you think an open campus is a good idea (sportswise)? And what’s your opinion on the virtual learning environment? Do you plan on going back to school?

Yea I think it’s safe mainly cause nobody is there, and virtual learning is way more easier and less stressing, and I only plan on going back to school next year sometime maybe in January or my senior year it depends

How do you want your teammates/coach to remember you? Why is that important to you?

The kid that wasn’t that good at the start but as years passed he put in the work and got stronger/better, the kid that thrived

What does football mean to you? Do you see football in your future?

Definitely, I wouldn’t be playing football if it was not a part of my future, I wanna get a scholarship before I graduate to college. That’s one of my personal goals I have a bunch of other ones though

How do you think football would be different this year? Would there be more restrictions?

Way more restrictions, then they make us practice with masks on. The way it is this year is so different from last year mostly cause I think they think it’s inevitable for someone to catch the virus during the season

What was the most memorable sporting event of last year? Why? Where was it, what made it memorable? How do you think it would be different this year?

The banquets for sure, they be serving some delicious food there, it was at the school in the cafeteria (but it wasn’t the schools food though idek who made it lol) it would for sure be different this year cause wearing masks and social distancing

What’s your position? Why do you play that position? Can you play any other positions? Have you ever thought about changing positions?

I play cornerback and yes I thought about switching sophomore year cause I’ve grown,I thought about switching to D-line,but I’d rather just stay at corner cause the coaches pretty much already know how I play and if we go back I’ll start at that position anyway.

What happens after you win/ lose a game? What does your coach tell you, and is there anything you tell yourself? What is your motivation!

After we lose a game are coaches tells us everything we did wrong and how disappointed they are in us sometimes but most of the time they just tell us what we did wrong and I live in the moment but what I tell myself is if I did bad I’ll tell myself I can do better next time and do a full body workout that night and I come in the field confident cause if I’m nervous then I’ll just mess up which I used to be nervous but I overcame that fear cause I been playing fb since 6th grade

Do you guys do anything before a game besides practice? like is there any rituals you must perform before the game and would that be different this year because of corona?

Not really we just do stretches and drills before the game and run a few plays just like every football team