29 Questions: Kyra’s Robinson

1 ( Q )What is your favorite food?

(A)  My favorite food is steak 

2 (Q) What do you miss most about school?

(A) I miss seeing my friends everyday and hanging out in the hall 

3 (Q)  What do you hate about online school?

(A) I hate how we have so much work and a short amount of time to finish it 

4 (Q) Are you an indoor person or outdoor person?

(A) I would say I’m both because love going to stores and shopping, but I also like staying at home and watching movies 

5 (Q) Do you  like writing with pens or pencils?

(A) I like writing with pens so my notes can be in colors 

6 (Q) Do you have any pets?

(A)Yes, I two have 2 dogs, a boy and girl

7 (Q) What is your  favorite snack? 

(A) Popcorn 

8 (Q) Mustard or ketchup?

(A) Mustard 

9 (Q) Who’s your celebrity crush? 

(A) Michael B. Jordan  

10 (Q) Do you have any Halloween plans? 

(A) Yes, I’m going to the carnival in a haunted house with all my friends

11 (Q) What is your least favorite subject in school?

(A) History because you get to learn about what people went through in the old days

12 (Q) What do you do in your free time?

(A) I like to cook in my free time and I like to watch TV

13 (Q) Where is the place you have traveled to?

(A) I have traveled to California by car it was a really long drive

14 (Q) Do you make your bed as soon as you wake up or leave it how it is?

(A) I leave it how it is because I’m too lazy to make it up in the morning

15 (Q) Are you a sneaky person or a slide person?

(A) Slide because you could just put your foot in and go with and with shoes you have to list them up and like I said I’m too lazy for all of it

16 (Q) What grade you wish you could go back to if you could

(A) I want to go back to first grade because we went on a lot of field trips it was really funny

17 (Q) Do you like your light on or off in your room?

(A) I like them off because the light is too bright for my eyes

18 (Q) Would you rather be a vampire or a witch?

(A) I would like to be a vampire because I love them in the tv shows 

19 (Q) Snapchat or Instagram?

(A) Snapchat because that’s where I text almost done with your friends on 

20 (Q) If you could turn your humidity off would you?

(A) No, because I feel like I would you lose control

21 (Q) What celebrity do you look up to?

(A) I will have to say I look up to Michelle Obama because she’s a big part of girls she helps so much 

22 (Q) Donuts or cakes?

(A) Cakes for sure because I love them you could choose different types of flavors and switch it up

23 (Q) Would you join the military?

(A) Yes and no because I’m scared  of being shot but also it will teach you how to live by yourself and manage everything and you’ll make money 

24 (Q) If you could be president what would you change in the world?

(A) I will try to change how people see black people and I will change how people will stop being racist and get free healthcare

25 (Q) Do you wish you lived in a different era of time?

(A) No, I like being in the 2000 because everything is more evolved even though we still go through some problems in the world still today

26 (Q) Do you like hot food?

(A) Yes, but we can’t be too hot because my mouth burns 

27 (Q) Football or basketball?

(A) I would say football because I know a little bit more about it

28 (Q) Are you the type of person who pulls their clothes after they get out the dryer or wait a couple days?

(A) I like to wait a couple days because I’ll be tired

29 (Q) Do you like chocolate or vanilla?

(A) I like chocolate because it gives more flavor to me

30 (Q) What superpower do you wish you had?

(A) I wish I compulsion because I can tell everyone what to do