Varsity Basketball Gets New Head Coach


Image by Colby Platt

The team’s first game will be held on November 12, with Greene coaching his first game as the new McNeil head coach.

As a new season begins for the McNeil basketball team, a new coach steps into the gym. Coach Brandon Greene is replacing the long time former coach, Darrell Hagemann. Greene came from Taylor and this will be his ninth year coaching. 

“When you replace a coach who’s been here 30 years, you kind of worry about what the reception is gonna be,” Greene said. “Everybody has been great and helpful with teaching me what to do.”

As Greene adapts to the McNeil atmosphere and traditions, the team is adapting to his style of coaching.

arsity Basketball gets new Head CoachVarsity Basketball gets new Head Coach“He is introducing new ideas and a new offense,” senior Hayden Little said. “We are going to focus on outscoring the other team rather than holding their offense and keeping them from scoring. He is also moving the offense to the perimeter which means we will be shooting more three pointers.”

With players adapting to the new style of play, Greene gets the chance to survey the team to see what more he can do to improve not only the team but his coaching itself. 

“They work as hard as they possibly can, which as a new coach, is all you can really ask for,” Greene said. “There’s gonna be some bumps in the road because what I’m doing is not what they are used to, but as long as everyone is working hard and moving in the right direction, we will be where we want to be.”

Coaches play a crucial role in the success of a basketball team. If players and coaches have bad relationships, the whole organization can go downhill.

“There’s no basketball coach if you don’t have a basketball team,” Greene said. “If they are doing what I ask them to do to the best of their ability, then my days are good days. So far, I haven’t had any bad days.”

The impact a coach makes on a team is bigger than most people realize. While the main focus is on the players, a lot of what the players do comes from the coaches who trained them.

“He brings a lot of energy and positivity to the program that we didn’t have before,” Little said. “He is giving us more control over what we do on the court. He allows us to be creative with our game. I finally feel like I have a chance to show what I can do as a player.”

As Greene takes control, the team is getting ready to compete and start the season stronger than before.

“I expect us to be competitive and compete for a playoff spot,” Greene said. “When you play this game in a district that has more than four schools, it is everyone’s goal to be in the top four. We want to be in that mix. I want these seniors to have a chance to play in the playoffs.”

The team’s first game will be held on November 12, with Greene coaching his first game as the new McNeil head coach.