AVID Positively Changes The Way Students Study

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) has been offered as a course for all grade levels at McNeil for the past 9 years. The course prepares students for college and teaches them various techniques to organize their coursework and take notes with the help of tutors. 

Sophomore Zachary Adams, a second year AVID student, believes AVID has helped him become a more attentive and successful student. 

“I feel like before I took AVID, I wasn’t taking notes or paying attention in classes,” Adams said. “[Instead], I was just sitting on my phone. AVID taught me specific ways to take notes so that I actually retain the information.“

AVID is overseen by several instructors, but also offers student tutor services. Junior Prathik Kannan is one of the many AVID student tutors and helps Adams with his school work. 

“Weekly, students bring questions and we present it as a group,” Kannan said. “It’s a group discussion to find solutions. I’ve learned to effectively communicate with others on subjects, like math and chemistry, as well as interacting with teachers and students on coursework.”

Continuing to learn from AVID, Adams is hopeful for the future, as he has already seen the program’s beneficial effects on his school and home life.

“AVID has changed my school life because now I am getting better grades and paying attention in classes,” Adams said. “It’s changed my home life because I’m actually taking notes and studying for tests, instead of sitting around when I have a test soon.”