Leadership in Orchestra

McNeil orchestra practices community service to learn leadership skills. This is the first year they have partnered with CC4C, a nonprofit organization created to enhance the quality of life for children in Texas with rare and undiagnosed conditions. With the help of CC4C, they have been able to reach out to a six-year old non-verbal girl from the Bee Cave area in Austin who loves music.   

“Orchestra partnered up with CC4C to bring music to the lives of children that have rare or undiagnosed diseases,” Julia Eun. “I’ve only been to one event so far, but it was fun and nice seeing her. The orchestra has teamed up with one child and we are planning to invite her to concerts and rehearsals because she loves music.”

Working with the six year old girl has helped the orchestra become closer with those who love music in the community. 

“It’s great to be able to form more connections with the community,” Orchestra Administrative Vice President Tate Ahmann said. “It’s also nice to give back in any way we can, especially since she loves music and we make music.”

Ahmann believes that it’s important for orchestra to reach out to kids because most music education starts early on. He also believes that by joining orchestra early, students can develop important traits needed in life. 

“I think it really helps you to manage your time well and think critically about how to solve different problems,” Ahmann said. “This is important because things change a lot, so it teaches them how to deal with that.”