Cool McNeil Clubs

Clubs can be helpful for students to discover crowds that they feel comfortable with. These are a few clubs that are offered at Mcneil. 


Creative Writing Club

McNeil’s Creative Writing Club is an academic organization for young writers to come together and share their work with their peers. Meetings take place on the first and third Friday of every month during flex in room C116. During club meetings, members engage in icebreaker conversations and then shift into their creative writing. Members generally have control over what they would like to write, but there are occasional themes that can be helpful for students that experience writer’s block. The purpose of the creative writing club is to inspire young writers to write with more creativity and receive helpful feedback from other writers. 


Engineering Club

The Engineering Club is both an academic and social club. The organization focuses on encouraging students’ interest in engineering while participating in related activities. The meetings take place on the first Monday of every month from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the cafeteria.  

During meetings, students are usually given a presentation by a local technology company such as Samsung or Emerson recruited by the club officers. After the meeting’s presentation, students  have the opportunity to work in groups and compete in a challenge. In the challenges, club members make objects with the use of basic household materials provided by the organization. Once the final products are turned in, a winner is chosen based on how well they accomplished the goal for that particular challenge. While students engage in their team building activities, snacks are provided. 

The  club doesn’t participate in any outside competitions, but students are given the opportunity to learn more about engineering fundamentals. Members do not have to be in any engineering classes to be a part of the Engineering Club. However, in order to receive membership, students must pay $20 that will be used for a club t-shirt and the monthly challenge materials. 


Fashion Club

Fashion Club is a social organization, designed to make students feel comfortable in their own sense of style. During meetings, club members create fashionable clothing pieces with their peers. Materials are provided for students. Meetings are scheduled once a month during the first Friday of the month during flex in room B205.


Girl Up 

Girl Up is an academic club that is a part of a worldwide organization. Mcneil’s Girl Up club welcomes all students to join the group once a month on Wednesdays. This group 

educates students on the current lives of young women around the world. Members work together to make an impact outside of school through education, community service and fundraising. As a whole, Girl Up strives to positively influence the lives of young girls around the world. All students, regardless of gender, are welcome to join the club. Meetings are held in room B205.



Interverse is an online organization. Asian students that speak multiple languages work with younger asian students to teach them the English language. Since this club operates online, there are no meetings. Instead, members make appointments with the students online for teaching lessons. For further information about Interverse, contact club sponsor Livia Tutuc or visit their instagram account @mcneil_interverse. The group’s website link can also be found on their Instagram.


Latin American Student Organization

The Latin American Student Organization is a new club for students of Hispanic descent. During club meetings, students celebrate diverse Hispanic heritages by participating in games and other activities. The club also promotes bilingualism during meetings by encouraging members to communicate in Spanish with other peers, making it a safe space for English as a Second Language students.  Furthermore, the organization attempts to increase Hispanic influence in school institutions by adding more books in Spanish to the library. The club’s overall purpose is to celebrate Hispanic culture and those who are part of the community. 

The Latin American Student Organization meets at 4:30 p.m. in room F203. All students interested in joining are asked by club officers to be respectful to peers from foreign countries, their cultures and language in order to create an inclusive environment.  


Robotics Club

Robotics is an academic club where students create robotic structures through teamwork. Students that are part of the club also have the opportunity to participate in robotic competitions with their peers for a chance to win trophies and gain experience in the world of robotics.  Meetings take place Mondays and Wednesdays after school in room F105. All students, regardless of experience with robotics, are welcome to join. 


Warhammer 40,000 Club

Warhammer 40,000 is a medieval tabletop game. The game is played on a battlefield model that has miniature buildings, hills, trees and other terrain based figures. In the game, players create their own figurines and take turns moving them while they engage in combat. During club meetings, students create their figurines and play together. Meetings take place after school on Mondays in room B216.