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Homecoming Week Dress Up Days

Soccer Mom vs. BBQ Dad

Abby Bernero (12) (Image by Alyssa Perera)

On Monday, senior Abby Bernero dressed up as a BBQ dad by wearing a BBQ cookoff shirt, khaki shorts, a belt and white crew socks.

“[BBQ dad] seemed more fun to do,” Bernero said. “Not many people do it and my dad had a lot of stuff [for it].”

Tanishi Patel (12) (Image by Alyssa Perera)



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For soccer mom, senior Tanishi Patel wore a puffer vest, leggings, a fitted black long sleeve, sunglasses and carried around a thermos.

“I was gonna be a BBQ dad but I couldn’t find the clothes for it,” Patel said. “So I decided to be a soccer mom.” 










Elementary Students vs. Senior Citizens

Jacob Easter (12) (Image by Jacob Easter)

To pull off the senior citizen look, senior Jacob Easter wore an old style jacket, glasses, and made his hair appear to be gray with hair spray he had from a past theater production.

“I chose the jacket because it was my Grandpa’s” Easter said. “It was a bit chilly this morning and the glasses made me think of Elton John [since] he’s old.” Senior Citizen name: Bill









Sarah Dang (10) (Image by Sarah Dang)

Sophomore Sarah Dang took inspiration from her own style in elementary school for Tuesday’s dress up theme.

“I chose to wear this little onesie dress, a shirt underneath and my hair in pigtails because it’s an outfit I used to wear in kindergarten and it’s how my hair used to look when I was little,” Dang said. “I wanted to wear that as a tribute to my elementary school self.” Elementary schooler name: Sally






Barbie vs. Ken

Olivia Jackson (12) (Image by Alyssa Perera)


Senior Olivia Jackson chose to dress up as Ken and took inspiration from more than one of his looks. 

“I chose the clothing because I searched up the outfits for the Beach Off or the Mojo Dojo Casa House,” Jackson said. “I tried to recreate it, [but] I didn’t have a fur jacket. I thought that would have been really funny. But, I had a black button up, some glasses and a black bandana so I thought that was pretty fitting.” This Ken’s Job: Beach








Yu En Lin (12) (Image by Linda Pham)

For her barbie look, senior Yu En Lin wore a pink shirt, cardigan and floppy hat.                                             

“I picked [the outfit] because they were the only pink things I did have in my closet so I just put them all together and it turned out okay,” Lin said. “I was matching with my boyfriend and he was Ken and I was Barbie.” This Barbie is: Summer Barbie















Rhyme Without Reason

To rhyme with Shennie Ye’s (right) prepared skater outfit, Kate Won (left) dressed up as the two’s AP Calculus teacher, Mr. Decker, and his calculator. (Image by Shennie Ye)

“My friend wanted to be a skater because she had a really good outfit and I was trying to find an outfit that could match in

arhyming sense so we were thinking like waiter, dictator, and some other options,” Won said. “But, I realized that the waiter and dictator had to dress up in a formal attire like a suit but I didn’t want to so I just went with Mr. Decker and his calculator.”

“I had a shirt that was like skater vibes so I just wore that,” Ye said. “And then skaters wear jorts so I wore those, I wore a hat backwards and I made a skateboard out of paper and I held it around school”  Skater’s name: Bartholomew 








Spirit Wear

Seniors Tinley Schoss (right) and Krysalee Anderson (left) go all out on their mums for their last year of high school. (Image by Tinley Schoss)

“We went to the mum store in Dallas,” Schoss said. “Me and one of my other friends [Krysalee] got the same stuff [so] we kind of put our money together to buy all of the stuff for it because we both wanted big mums. Then we made them in our [agriculture] class down at the barn with Ms. Crandall. She helped us out to make the different braids and everything but we put it all together, she just helped us throughout the way. We decided that we wanted to do bigger mums because most people here don’t do big mums like our school has the small mums or the medium sized mums and we were just like ‘we should go all out like it’s senior year’. It took me probably about like a week and a half [to make] but if I would’ve sat down and done it all, it probably would’ve taken a couple of days but it would have taken a lot longer because I’m not able to work on it every single day.”








Erianna Franklin Knox (11)

Junior Erianna Franklin Knox not only wears a mum, but makes them for others.

“I made my mum step by step what my Aunt had taught me by stapling a lot and hot glue gunning  a lot,” Franklin Knox said. “I [also] made a mum for my little one that we do in cheer, her name is Lizzy, and because I love making mums [it’s] my favorite thing to do.”

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