Faculty’s Favorite Films

With the rise of “film-bro” movies and Letterboxd accounts, the love for film has never been greater, and nearly everyone has a favorite movie. From the fine arts to math departments, McNeil educators share their own.


Animation, Audio Visual and World History teacher David Peacock’s pick: Raiders of the Lost Ark


“[It is] pretty perfectly timed and the shots are perfect,” Peacock said. “It moves so quickly and it’s actually such an entertaining movie. It’s not just a perfect Indiana Jones movie, but a near perfect movie from start to finish.”




Sophomore English teacher Carlen Scarlett’s pick: The Dark Knight


“It was just so good,” Scarlett said. “I think I saw it in theaters in IMAX like six times, so it also holds a kind of nostalgic memory for me. “I can just watch it over and over again and never get bored of it.”



Head Theater Director Aaron Johnson’s pick: The Shawshank Redemption


“It’s just amazing worldbuilding, it’s incredible, the acting, performances and writing,” Johnson said. “The relationship between Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins’ character developed throughout the whole thing is just awesome, and the payoff at the end gets me every single time.”



World History and Philosophy teacher Jeffrey Longino’s pick: There Will Be Blood


“I think it shows how bad [overworking] can go, how being too dedicated to an idea or your job is unhealthy,” Longino said. “[It helps me] maintain a healthy work-life balance.”



Geometry Teacher Jill Seaman’s Pick: The Lake House


“It’s a time travel thing, it’s really cool,” Seaman said. “It’s a romantic-comedy, but it’s also interesting. He’s so many years behind her and they keep trying to meet.”