Taylor Swift Enchants at the Eras Tour


Image credits to Taylor Nation

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


After canceling her Lover Fest concert series due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, Taylor Swift is making a much anticipated return to the stage with her Eras Tour, which spans 52 shows in 20 cities. Each concert runs for about 3 hours and incorporates songs from each of Swift’s albums in 10 acts (Lover, Fearless, Evermore, Reputation, Speak Now, Red, Folklore, 1989, Debut and her acoustic set, Midnights). There’s also approximately 90 minutes of show opener performances and 16 different costume changes on behalf of Swift herself. 

Even from the highest seats, the concert (Arlington night two, April 1) was undoubtedly a once in a lifetime experience. 

Swift picked the best possible setlist for the Eras Tour. Many fans were worried the setlist would primarily feature her cheesy pop radio hits. However, even though they are played, the songs are interspersed between her slower albums and make for a fun dance break. Additionally, the majority of the songs played are fan-favorites. Highlights include the full version of All Too Well (10 Minute Version), August, Illicit Affairs, Cruel Summer and Don’t Blame Me. Additionally, Swift plays a surprise acoustic version of her songs at each show, never to be played again, which makes each show unique due to tour spoilers being constantly found on social media. 

Swift is at her best when it’s just her and her guitar, along with over 70,000 fans singing along. While it is a little disappointing that she didn’t save “Cowboy Like Me” for a Texas show, she played “Death by a Thousand Cuts” and “Clean” at Arlington Night Two, which are arguably some of Swift’s best songs and made the experience infinitely more special. 

During her concert, Swift pays homage to past tour outfits and music video costumes like the iconic Fearless dress and snake bodysuit, which reminds fans of the Reputation tour. She also changed outfits mid-song, a memorable one being a bedazzled blazer to accessorize her Lover era for the song “The Man” and her transition during “Midnight Rain”. 

Aside from her incredible outfits, the lighting and special effects must be taken into account, which amplified Swift’s natural performance quality. The set design changed for each era, which is unheard of. Some of the best set features include a moss covered piano, a music box, and a dining table Swift sings on top of during “Tolerate It”. The screens and stage also had a video or several special effects to reflect the era the song Swift was performing and the lyrics for the audience to sing along. The biggest benefit of sitting farther away from the stage is the superior view of special effects: Swift’s team timed colored strobe lights to the beat of the song and at points used smoke and fire. At one point, instead of a classic exit, Swift dove under the stage as the screens and stage depict ocean waves. The audience was also given special items to enhance the special effects. Every fan received a light up bracelet, which lit up depending on the song playing, color blocking the crowd or forming pink hearts during “Lover” and the pride flag during “You Need To Calm Down”.

The Eras concert was also a memorable experience because of the fans. They made the atmosphere even better by dressing up in elaborate costumes, trading friendship bracelets and partaking in traditions such as chants during certain songs. Everyone yelled at the top of their lungs when their favorite songs were played. To ensure a great concert experience, fans are advised to bring noise dampening earbuds or cotton balls for their ears. 

Every aspect of the Eras Tour contributed to a magical ambience. If not already, fans should be excited for what will be remembered as one of the most iconic tours in history!