Juniors Take Senior Parking Spots


Image by Aleah Goldberg

Horseshoe Parking Lot

Senior year is generally regarded as a “blow-off” year among students, a time to really enjoy high school before going off to college or starting a career and seniors like to take advantage of the perks of being upperclassmen. This year however, there have been juniors buying horseshoe spots, the elite spaces next to the C-wing. These spots are famous for being the best choices because of their proximity to the school and parking in these spots cut out the obnoxious after-school traffic. Usually, these spaces are occupied by seniors only and the fact that juniors are starting to take them has caused some irritation among seniors.

“It’s not fair,” said senior Joseph Vasquez “The junior class has their own [section for parking], so they just take up the parking spaces that are for the senior class.”
But the way parking spots are currently determined is anything but unfair, according to administrative assistant Billie Duncan-Smith.

“There is a senior side and a junior side, but really it’s first come first serve,” she said “Students were lined up at seven thirty in the morning just to get a good spot, and they deserve them.”
The seniors had a chance to to get the spaces they wanted, but when they weren’t all taken up, the juniors got to take their pick. To some students it may not seem like a big deal, but for those who go to work right after school or come down with a bad case of senioritis early in the morning, easily accessible spots can make a big difference. Although it’s a first come first serve type of system, the idea that seniors get certain entitlements has long been the majority mindset, even to those who are not old enough to enjoy them yet.

“I believe that junior parking is a right of passage,” said junior Amelia McElhinney “Juniors parking there undermines the privilege for the seniors.”
Regardless of what you think and where your spot is, it’s still a $30 fine for parking in someone else’s place once, and your vehicle will be towed on the second offense. So whether you have a spot in the front row or back with the cacti, make sure to use only that spot and be in line for parking assignments bright and early next year.