DECA Gets Hands On With Business

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DECA introduced a new concept to McNeil, DECAction. Starting in the fall, students could be more involved in projects dealing with the hands-on aspect of business, preparing them for the real world.

“In previous years, members have not taken on leadership roles, although they wanted to,”

DECA sponsor Vera Cruz said. “With this approach, any member who is willing and able to manage projects or events are given the chance to show and grow their abilities.”

The DECAction team’s purpose is to introduce a whole new experience to the students, an experience which better replicates real business situations.

“By taking a leadership role the members will provide direction to other members, learn and apply leadership skills, and gain knowledge and skills in business and marketing,” Cruz said.

Not only will this potentially motivate each individual student to take action, but it will propel the entire club forward to a more effective and unified group.

“DECA will benefit from the members’ gained knowledge and skills which will be used in competition and for running the DECA organization more effectively,” Cruz said.

With the new DECAction team, McNeil’s DECA would be better than ever.

“My hope is that we’ll also become better students and better students of McNeil High School and our community,” Cruz said.