New Student Council Officers Announced for 2014

The campaigning is over, the ballots have been cast and the results are in.

After the online voting through student gmail, the senior panel interview, and the teacher recommendations, the new Student Council leaders have been chosen.

“This year we had a tight competition and so many well-qualified candidates,” Student Council sponsor Vicki Renfro said. “Each student’s first choice position was scored and ranked. Those who ran for two positions were also tallied and ranked. Results were compared and positions determined.”

The vacant positions will be appointed at a later time, as will the committee chair positions.


Position Student Name
StuCo President Thomas Sullivan
StuCo Vice President Elizabeth Nguyen
StuCo Secretary Ciara Garcia
StuCo Treasurer Matthew Hintz
StuCo Historian Henna Karedia
StuCo Parliamentarian Abby Mathew
StuCo Reporter Amrin Madhoni
Senior Class President Cara Chin
Senior Class Vice President Nayoung Hur
Senior Class Treasurer Vacant
Senior Class Secretary Vacant
Junior Class President Saheel Chodavadia
Junior Class Vice President Pranav Pradhan
Junior Class Secretary Karen Kim
Junior Class Treasurer Hyeona Kang