McNeil Ranked No. 9 Among Central Texas Schools


McNeil ranks 9 in Austin Monthly’s Top 15 high schools in the Austin area.

In Austin Monthly Magazine’s Top 15 high schools in the Austin area, McNeil took the ninth spot for it’s academic performance and vast opportunities for students.

“I wasn’t shocked at all,” Assistant Principal Stefan Bryant said. “But I was appalled that we weren’t placed higher.”

The magazine article talked about McNeil’s various classes and opportunities that students are able to take advantage of, praising McNeil for it’s courses that provide career pathway experiences.

It mentioned courses such as CNA and Health Practicum, which give health science students the experience to know what it is like to work and train in a hospital and pharmacy environment. Students who take courses like these can get certified as a pharmacy technician or certified nursing assistant.

Another component that the magazine talked about was it’s various opportunities for students to earn college credit. As of this year, McNeil offers 29 AP classes. Dual credit can also be earned through Austin Community College during the summer or school year.

“We encourage students to take more high level classes.” Assistant Principal Lisa Greinert said.

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