Students Learn More About Islamic Culture Through MSA


For the first time, McNeil High School has started its own chapter of MSA (Muslim Student’s Association). Co-presidents and co-founders, seniors Rabia Khan and Minha Ghani introduced the club because they believe it is something that can bring the Muslim students of McNeil together as a community. The club will also focus on educating Muslims and non-Muslims who want to know more about Islam and it’s values and purpose.  

“The purpose of our club is to spark a conversation about Islam and Islamophobia and discussions about certain writs of the religion to make it easier for Muslim students to practice Islam in high school and to learn more about the religion,” Ghani said.

MSA will also hold open discussions about current events, invite speakers, and sponsor competitions, like MIST (Muslim Interscholastic Tournament) for students to participate in.  

“The objective of MIST is to bring high school students together from all around the nation to develop leadership, promote communication, and inspire creativity while gaining a deeper understanding of Islam,” Ghani said. “The different competitions vary from knowledge and Quran competitions to art, baking, writing, trivia, and even basketball.”

McNeil is known to be a diverse school with students coming from different cultural backgrounds and religions. Despite its diversity, there are not clubs to represent each culture or religion.

“Since we live in a predominantly Christian culture I think it’s important to have every religion and culture represented,” co-sponsor Amelia Lewis said.

The club held its first meeting on Sept. 15. MSA’s next meeting will be held on Oct. 8 in the library.

“It’s not just for students who are Muslims,” co-sponsor Laura Falli said. “The club is for anyone who wants to learn about a particular culture.”