Social Studies Just Got Social

Rho Kappa members experience history in a whole new way

McNeil has started it’s own chapter of Rho Kappa, a national history honor society, in which students who excel in social studies can form a community in which they can collaborate and talk about their interests on the subject as a whole, as well as be honored for their academic achievements.

Sponsoring the organization are World History teacher Mackenzie Coplin and AP Government teacher Rachel Brooks.

“It’s a way to honor students who do well in social studies and to also honor the school and community.” Brooks said.

Coplin and Brooks hope to gain members who can contribute to the school and community – many of the projects and activities they hope to do will revolve around that.

“I was part of the National History Honor Society at UT,” Coplin said. “I enjoyed it, we did a lot of activities within the community and school.”

As of right now, Rho Kappa has not officially set a meeting date, because they are still recruiting members. Prospective students who wish to join the organization must be a junior or a senior, have at least a 3.0 GPA in their social studies courses, and have completed a total of two or more high school social studies courses, as well as the intention of completing of a total four social studies courses by graduation.

Interested students can access the application on Coplin’s or Brooks’ websites. Application are due on Jan. 29 by 4:15 p.m. to room B112. For more information about the organization, see  Coplin or Brooks.

“Rho Kappa’s goal is to unify our Advanced Placement students and regular students and have them be a part of a greater community that they can contribute to.” Coplin said.

Access the Rho Kappa Application at: