And the Winner Is …

Mr. Mav contestants finally take the spotlight in postponed event.


Student Council presented the Mr. Maverick Pageant April 11 and senior Zach Minns was crowned the winner.

“It’s a great honor, [being selected as Mr. Mav], among other things that I can’t seem to put into words,” Minns said.

Minns pointed out the other contestants also participated in the pageant as his formidable foes. The talent show and the question portions of the pageant, he said, especially caught his attention.

“I have to add that getting elected was pretty unexpected,” Minns said. “[Not only were] all the other contestants pretty good choices, but the question about the favorite teacher was also pretty challenging to me.”

Despite his humble responses, the judges for the event seemed to find him worthy of the win. English teacher Erin Cutchen, one of the judges at the event, mentioned that her fascination with what she called his “tennis art” was what trumped personal attachment and prevented her from picking another candidate.

“If anything, I was more biased towards another contestant; I did not personally know Zach or even see him before,” Cutchen said. “I thought it was fascinating that he incorporated his extracurricular into his talent. The way he signed it was also a nice touch.”