It’s not always about the win, but the experience gained

Mavs’ losses valuable in their victories


Quarter-back Parker McNeil sets up to throw a pass

The Mavs faced Killeen Sept. 16, playing away at the Kangaroos territory and homecoming game. After their unfortunate defeat at Del Valle, McNeil came out determined to win. And win they did.

Within the first minutes of play, senior quarterback Parker McNeil spotted an open receiver and made a quick pass, leading the Mavs to a 30-yard gain and a touchdown.

Though they conceded a field goal, and eventually a touchdown, the Mavs increased their lead again with a second touchdown.

“The defense played especially well too,” senior nose guard Tyrique Fields said. “We held our line and kept them contained.”

By the end of the fourth quarter, the Mavs had secured the victory, their second this season, making them even for wins and losses.

“It was a good game,” senior center Robert Tumusok said. “We held our positions well and executed the plays as we should. The team was playing to its potential.”

The Mavs went on to play the Pflugerville Panthers, suffering another defeat with a final score of 0-31. But Coach Calvin Guillory had some words for players discouraged after the loss.

“Just like in life, you have to have hope,” Guillory said. “You get what you put into it. You’re going to have lots of defeats in life. That loss last week? That was then, this is now, so learn from it.”.