25 Years and Counting

The first thing audiences were introduced to in the Majestics showcase Illusions were all four past and present directors explaining how the dance team came to fruition and how they have evolved and changed over the years to produce the present team.
On March 3-4, the Majestics celebrated their 25th anniversary with the appropriate theme “A Little Bit of History.”
“We knew we could incorporate Majestics history along with other historical events that would impact our dancers, and our audience could relate to it,” director Brooke Solomon said.
The performances told a chronological story, starting with World War I and ending with modern day.
Majestics junior Rebekah Adeniji described why her favorite dance “The Winter” about the Holocaust, is so impactful.
“[Expressing] something that happened through dance; it’s amazing,” Adeniji said.
Guest performers included the Sapphire Dancers, Wells Branch Elementary Dance students, Dance 1-4 students, Majestics managers and escorts, Deer Park Middle School, Cedar Valley Middle School, Mav Men, Ballet Folklorico and the Majestics moms.
A farewell to Majestics seniors was told through a dance video spoofing “The Office,” as various seniors took on character roles during dance practice, and they performed the classic “Only in America” which encompassed who the Majestics as a team of dancers and friends are: fiercely proud, loyal, and always happy to dance.
“Illusions is the culmination of our entire year,” Solomon said. “It gives the student body, teachers and administrators, alumni, and families the opportunity to see what these students have been working on.”