Flex In, Flex Out

Students adjust to first two weeks of Flex Time


The first two weeks of school functioned like a normal start to a new year, except for a major change students faced called Flex Time.
Built into this year’s class schedule, Flex Time is 40 minutes of tutorial time spent between first/fifth period and second/sixth period in a different class each day.
Having access to in-school tutorial time is a first for new and returning students, who were unsure of what to expect the first day.
“I was super worried teachers were going to teach during that time and I didn’t want them to have an excuse to give us more homework,” junior Julia Perry said.
Students spent Flex Time in their home base classes for the first two weeks, allowing them time to understand what it would be used for in the future.
“I can get a better understanding of things I didn’t understand about the class or the homework.” sophomore Carlos Neufeld said.
Throughout the weeks, students started to become familiar with the shifted schedule, but confusion still remained.
“I don’t like the confusing classes, the way it switches class periods we’re supposed to be in,” junior Kendall Meyer said.
As students continue to adjust to the built-in tutorial time, opportunities to benefit from what the program has to offer will be available every day, for 40 minutes.
“I enjoy being able to push back one piece of homework and get more sleep,” Perry said.